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Self Awareness precedes Self Development which precedes Self Realization. The best time to become more aware was twenty years ago… the second best time is now.

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Are you ready to unlock the success that life so desperately wants you to have? Use the power of Vedic Astrology to discover and live a life that’s worth living.


$200 • 45 m

You can sum up life in one sentence — life is a very short journey. If you don’t live your life intentionally, it’ll be over before you know it. Ask any question about your life ahead — learn, plan & unlock your life’s best possibilities.


$9,999 • 6 h

Do you have a pressing and critically-important question that’s on top of your mind and for which you absolutely need an answer? We can use advanced Prasna divination techniques (a closely-guarded Kerala tradition that is handed down through family generations) to ask the universe for a clear answer to your question. Contact Us for more information.


$200 • 45 m

The astral energy present at a given moment of time directly influences the outcome of an activity started at the time. Muhurtha is the process of selecting an auspicious time for performing important activities.


$600 • 1 h 30 m

Happiness, peace, prosperity and purpose are the cornerstones of a life worth living. These are truly meaningful when they are available to everyone in your family. Use this service if you need guidance for up to three family members including yourself.


$400 • 45 m

Health is wealth. Use this service if you have questions about a serious health situation. In such cases, time is of the essence. Simply select one of the available times to book your appointment and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to expedite your request.


$200 • 45 m

Success is intrinsically tied to where you physically reside. Your dreams need support to materialize. Use this service to find the best location in the world that will naturally support your life’s desires.


Here’s an example showing the use of Advanced Prasna Techniques to analyze the outcome of the US Elections 2020.

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All appointments are offered via Zoom video calls. Available times are shown in your local timezone.


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There are times when you might have a quick question and not need a full appointment. If the matter is time-sensitive, you might also need the answer within a short time-frame. And some cases might require back-and-forth conversation over a few hours or days based on the evolving situation. With the monthly subscription, you can now chat directly with Vijay Jyotish via WhatsApp and ask your questions anytime.

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