Prashna Analysis: Can President Donald Trump still beat Vice President Joe Biden in the Elections 2020?

Invocation to Lord Ganesha

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha, here’s my humble Prashna Analysis for the outcome of the election.

What is Prashna Analysis?

This is a technique in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) to seek answer from the divine for a pressing question. This question is asked from the point-of-view of President Donald Trump and is based on the time this question first came to my mind. The selected Lagna or Ascendant is not the Lagna rising at the moment but one chosen specifically after meditation and specific techniques.

Purpose and Disclaimer

This is an exercise in the practice of Prashna Astrology and merely an astrological exploration of the question below. I have no affiliation to either candidate. May the best candidate win.


Can President Donald Trump still beat Vice President Joe Biden to win the election?


The Prashna analysis indicates that the Presidency might be settled in favor of President Donald Trump by the US Supreme court.

Prasna Chart & Analysis

First House (represents President Trump)

  • First House has debilitated Sun and Mercury in it. This shows President Trump facing the prospect of losing power (Sun) and looking to friend Mercury (Lawyers) and Sun (Judge) to come to the rescue.
  • Lagna Lord Venus is debilitated but in Parivartana with a non-combust, direct and benefic Mercury. Lagna Lord Venus is also quite fine in Gemini Navamsa. This indicates that President Trump lawyers (Mercury) might play a key role in getting him victory. Also, Sun while debilitated in Lagna is exalted in Navamsa. While President Trump’s unusual silence since the election might give the impression that he’s not giving it his usual strong rhetoric and fight, the Navamsa placement indicates that a lot could be happening behind the scenes that we don’t yet know about.
  • Mercury lord of the 9th and 12th is in Lagna. 9th house is the most spacious house indicative of the fight for the White House.
  • 8th lord Venus in 12th giving Viparita Raja Yoga could give President Trump the ability to capitalize on the misfortunes of Vice President Biden and gain a position of authority.
  • Sun is also the Badhaka Lord. But with the debilitation, his ability to block is diminished. This indicates that President Trump could be blocked until he reaches the US Supreme Court where finally a verdict in his favor is likely.

Second House

  • Second House has exalted Ketu (going with Mahrshi Parasara’s assignment for exaltation over others, as guided by Sri BV Raman). This offers hints as to why President Trump has been remarkably and uncharacteristically silent since the election (compared to his usual self).

Third House

  • Third house has Vargottama Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Although the placement in the 3rd house is a Maranakaraka Sthana for Jupiter, his positional strength comes to the rescue. This could also explain the unusual and considered approach from President Trump. And it seems to be coming from a perspective of wisdom, potentially because of strong documentary evidence in his possession. 
  • 3rd house also signifies appeals. This indicates that President Trump might emerge victorious when it is appealed in the US Supreme Court. Jupiter although a functional malefic for Libra Lagna, it does not give bad results because it is strongly placed in the 3rd house. Owning both 3rd (valor) and 6th (overcoming obstacles), and being placed in the 3rd, it indicates that President Trump might win after fighting with wisdom (think “Art of War”) and documentary evidence.

Fourth House

  • 4th house has Saturn in his own house. One can be certain that the Rajayogakaraka for this chart will deliver justice. This matter will be settled in the courts. And the judgement will likely come from Saturn.

Sixth House

  • 6th house has Retrograde Mars. This is the lord of the 7th (represents Vice President Biden) retrograde in the 6th (which is 12th from the 7th). The retrogression and placement indicates a loss for Vice President Biden. This is in light of the stronger placement of the Lagna Lord Venus compared to Mars.

Seventh House (represents Vice President Biden)

  • 7th house Aries represents Vice President Biden. The lord Mars as pointed out earlier is uncomfortably retrograde in the 6th. He is exalted in Navamsa but also retrograde and conjunct vargottama Saturn in Capricorn. A fierce battle is on his hands which he might lose ultimately.

Eighth House

  • 8th house exalted Rahu (going with Mahrshi Parasara’s assignment for exaltation over others, as guided by Sri BV Raman) shows the tensions, anxiety, chaos associated with the result.

Tenth House

  • 10th house has Moon who’s just entered his own house Cancer. He is Vargottama and in Punarvasu Nakshatra lorded by Jupiter. Moon in the 10th is beneficial for the Libra Lagna. The 10th house represents the judiciary and the investigative agencies. It is indicative that the final result might come about with the help of the public and judiciary.

Eleventh House

  • 11th house is Leo who’s lord Sun is in the Lagna. While he is Badhaka for the Lagna, his power to block is diminished by debilitation. However, he is exalted in Aries Navamsa. It indicates that President Trump might have a hidden ‘trump card’ that brings him gain. There is talk that the election ballots have an encrypted blockchain-based watermark included to ensure the integrity of the vote. This might be the ‘trump card’.

Twelfth  House

  • 12th house is Virgo where Lagna lord is placed. President Trump is likely to spend a fortune in litigation but given the exchange with Mercury, it will be money well spent. This is not the best exchange but given that it is between Lagna Lord and beneficial Mercury, and other aforementioned factors, it is quite good (especially in comparison with Retrograde Mars in the 6th Pisces).

Summary: Points in favor of President Trump win

  • Lagna lord Venus while debilitated is in exchange with Mercury. Navamsa placement is fine. There is a Viparita Raja Yoga.
  • 7th lord Mars (Vice President Biden) is retrograde in 6th (obstacles) and also exalted/retrograde in Navamsa with vargottama Saturn in it.
  • The retrogression of the 7th lord is worse than the direct movement of debilitated Venus which has other favorable significations. Also Venus is not at his deep debilitation point yet. Still at 17 degrees. He has support of Rajayogakaraka Saturn in Capricorn Vargottama.
  • Rajayogakaraka Saturn and Jupiter are both in Swakshetra and Vargottama in the chart. So both Justice and Dharma will be upheld.
  • Natural Benefic 10th lord Moon (functionally neutral to Lagna) in Swakshetra 10th house indicating favorable judgement. President Trump might receive help from someone to win his litigation.
  • 4th house has natural malefic Saturn in Capricorn (quadruped sign).
  • Natural Benefic Moon in 10th from Lagna and Saturn in 4th from Lagna. Both in own houses. This combination is a strong indicator of win. President Trump might receive the help of the public and court system to win the election. The hearing is likely to be strong and decisive. The US Supreme Court has apparently given judgments quickly in exceptionally important cases.
  • Strong 3rd/6th lord Vargotamma Jupiter and benefic 10th lord Moon in nakshatra of 3rd lord indicates success in appeal at the US Supreme Court.
  • Prashna Vimshottari Dasa is Jupiter – Mars – Rahu showing influence of 3-6-8 houses Indicating that the outcome is likely to be driven by documentary evidence presented in court with Vice President Biden’s lawyers losing and the whole environment characterized by uncertainty, anxiety and chaos.

Summary: Points in favor of Vice President Biden win

  • Lagna lord Venus (President Trump) is debilitated and placed in the 12th.
  • Lagna Lord Venus is in the 12th and aspected by Retrograde Mars (Vice President Biden).
  • Saturn in Kendra aspects Sun in Kendra/Lagna denoting defeat for PresidentTrump.
  • 10th Lord Moon in Kendra aspected by Saturn favors Vice President Biden.
  • 11th lord Sun is Badhaka for the Lagna and might deny President Trump victory in the elections.